Secretaría de Finanzas del Distrito Federal | Presupuesto Basado en Resultados Secretaría de Finanzas del Distrito Federal | Presupuesto Basado en Resultados

Secretaría de Finanzas del Distrito Federal | Presupuesto Basado en Resultados

Results Based Budget

The Results Based budget is a methodology that allows the improvement of public spenditure and promotes an adequate rendition of accounts.The RbB is based on the orientation of government’s actions towards the results the citizens expect to obtain and not on the investments public servants do daily in order to meet their obligations.  This is significant difference with traditional budgeting methods, as the focus is centered on the generation of “public Value” and the attention on individual’s demands.  With this method (RbB) the quantity and quality of goods and public servants is increased, it reduces the administrative and governmental operations expenditure, it promotes the conditions for economical and social development and above all, it generates greater impact of the government’s action on the people’s wellbeing.


From the beginning of this administration, Mexico City’s government has maintained the commitment to make efficient use of its resources through a transparent and effective administration.  In this context, it has adopted the methodology of the Results Based Budget (RbB) which main objectives are:

  1. Reduce the budget inertia

    logrando by achieving an efficient link between assignations, products and public services offered to the citizens.

  2. Articulate the strategic planning

    with programming processes, budgeting and resources optimization through more effective and efficient programs and policies which are measurable through strategic indicators.
  3. Generate incentives

    in the budgeting process so as to achieve an effective administration and reach the expected results.

  4. Build the bases in the development of effective evaluations

    that will generate adequate information for decision making and with that feedback the budget process stages through performance, strategic and administration indicators.

  5. Achieve that the budget becomes a real administration tool

    that affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the government actions in compliance with it’s functions.



Conceptual Framework

• Budget
• Results Management
• Results Based Budget (RbB)
• Logical Framework Methodology
• Performance Evaluation System
• Glossary of Terms
• Bibliography


• Constitutional
• Federal
• Local

RbB Breaktroughs

• Budget Structure
• Regulations Framework
• Training
• Indicators
• Evaluations
• IADB Ageement

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